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The first time I saw John Lyons was in August 1989 at a symposium in Pomona, California. I went to see him again in November 1990. I rode in a clinic in San Diego in November 1991 and in a clinic in Menifee, California in February 1992. I was so impressed with the simplicity and success of the training methods that I started to help people fix problems with their horses and teach trailer loading. I signed up to apprentice with John Lyons in February 1993 in Porterville and Menifee. During the Menifee Symposium, John announced that he was going to start a Certification Program in 1993. The Certifications Program consisted of seven 5-day progressive clinics over a one-year period. I was first Certified in November 1994. John invited me to observe and assist him with some of the students of the Second Certification Program in 1994. This was a great honor and gave me more opportunities to learn. I then signed up for John's Third Certification Program. John had made improvements in the second program and even more in the third. He added 3 more clinic weeks and stretched the program over one and a half years. We started in May 1995 and I graduated on November 15, 1996. May 1998 I started attending an eleven level Certification Program and graduated in November 1998.

I specialize in teaching the John Lyons Concepts, Methods, Exercises and Techniques because they:


1) ALWAYS work on EVERY horse.

2) Give NO PAIN to the horse.

3) Are TEACHING methods:

a. With lesson plans that have step by step direction.

b. That are simple enough for the horse and the handler to understand.

c. That offer MEASURABILITY so the horse owner can see the improvements as they take place. It gives them proof that their goals are being met by seeing the horse's performance and by being able to control the horse themselves. The horse's performance is what tells us that he is ready to go on to the next step or that he has learned the last session.

d. That offer REWARDS to the horse for his efforts.

4) Make SENSE to the teacher and the students.

5) Teach an actual LANGUAGE that enables the horse and human to communicate with each other.

6) Create TRUST in humans by the horse and vice versa.

7) Build PARTNERSHIPS between the horse and the human.

8) Always emphasize SAFETY for the human and the horse.


I have worked with many horses of varying ages from a few days old to seniors.


I have worked with many breeds from...

Warmbloods to Mustangs, including Arabians, Appaloosas, Paints, Peruvian Pasos, Quarter Horses, Rocky Mountain Gaited Horses, Thorough Breds, Percherons, Belgian Drafts, Mules and Miniatures.


1) With varying GOALS from:

a. Correcting RUDE and DANGEROUS behaviors to teaching the well behaved horse.

b. FRIGHTENED horse to the bold and AGGRESSIVE.

c. Horses with NICE dispositions to NASTY attitudes.

d. Building confidence in PEOPLE with fears from accidents or who are afraid the horse will do something they can't control.


I believe there is a QUIET, CALM, FRIENDLY, SWEET, OBEDIENT animal inside every horse just waiting to get out. I further believe that through the teachings of John Lyons, I have the tools to let that horse out and can teach you to do the same.



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