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"I have known and worked with Eddie since 1989. He has worked very hard at developing his horse training skills. I would recommend him highly to anyone who wants a knowledgeable, caring, giving teacher to help them and their horses." John Lyons

John Lyons & Ed Thornton

Steve Holt

Reason for training:
My main pupose is to become a well-educated horse trainer.  After taking Ed Thornton's Level I class my skills as a rider and training has improved dramatically.  I am looking forward to the next Level's.

Best part about Ed's class:
The process in which Ed runs his class is absolutely perfect.  Ed himself is a remarkable trainer and teacher.  He can teach anyone methods from John Lyons.  The hospitality that Ed and his lovely wife show is a great attribute.  You always feel welcome.  I came seeking to become a horse trainer.  I went home with skills to start today.

Judy Christie

I got to know Eddie when we were both members of an equine emergency team. He was completing his training with John Lyons. I had a three year old gelding that I had raised from birth. My horse and I were both at a point where we needed someone with more expertise to step in. Ed agreed to evaluate "Petey" and we've been with him ever since. Eddie is skilled and caring - sensitive to horse and student. He is always willing to adapt and expand his method to fit the level of both. He taught me to ask simple questions so that my horse can guess correctly. He taught me that repetition and positive reinforcement are the keys to learning. In a perfect world we would have that connection with our beloved horses that God intended. In the real world, making that connection requires focus. Our concentration and consistency truly result in the horse's consistency and concentration. Therein lies the "connection". I highly recommend Ed Thornton as a skilled trainer who will help anyone become a better horseman. Judy Christie

"Ed helped my mare learn to handle her fears, so now she can focus on and move forward with her Dressage training."
LeAnne Hagerty


Mike Miller and STALKER, his Tennessee Walker - Client

"....the week I spent with Eddie was one of the most valuable experiences in all my years of owning and enjoying my horses. Eddie was not only a great teacher and role-model, he was also a great student. He learned about me and my problems and was able to quickly adapt his approach and help my 'learning curve'. The progress I made personally in my ability (and confidence) to work with my horses was unbelievable. The progress, in just one week, of my horses was equally dramatic. Some friends who came to watch periodically during the week were amazed at the results.

       For those who might be experiencing some of the same frustrations as I was 'doing it on their own', I would strongly recommend getting someone like Eddie to help. In a very insightful and personal way, he made the Ground Control Manual come alive, and in so doing, he helped me create a solid foundation to build on. I've got a long way to go but I now know I'm on a path that will get me where I want to be. Mike Miller - Ringoes, NJ

"I was a novice rider with a 3 year old Arab gelding. Ed's training paid off recently when a trail ride got exciting. I was apprehensive about continuing. But, I immediately went back to Ed's lesson plans and within 15 minutes I had a quieted, collected and connected horse."
- Tom Scott

I'd like to tell you about a trainer named Ed Thornton who has been working with me and my horse. He is a John Lyons Certified Trainer and a Godsend to me. Ed solved Lucky's "walking off" problem, without any trauma to the horse (or us). The other problem with Lucky was his "speeding". He really does love to get up and go, but again thanks to Ed, Wayne (and Lucky) are learning how to control his speed.

I have had several "trainers" during the first 2 years I had my horse, "Sailer". All of them combined did not do as much for me and my horse as Ed has done in just a few lessons. I truly believe if it had not been for him I would have given up on having a horse. His motto is "Safe Horse, Safe Rider Through Education" and there are many of us who are living proof it works. I can't say enough good things about Ed. The best thing is that his is not only a really great horse trainer, but his is also really great with people too. He has a gift.
- Terry Smith


Ed Thornton
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