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Ed is softening "Maggie" through the shoulder.
Maggie is a reining Quarter Horse

Two day SYMPOSIUMS available covering one of the following subjects:

1. Starting the unbroken horse - Demonstrating:
*Round Penning, *Bridling, *Ground Control, *Sacking Out, *Saddling, * First Ride.

2. Restarting a "broke" horse using the John Lyons Concepts - Demonstrating
* Round penning, *Sacking out, *Bridling, *Ground Control, *Saddle & Riding Control.

3. Communicating through the reins - Demonstrating an EQUINE LANGUAGE by connecting the reins to individual body parts one at a time. This develops a partnership with your horse and gives you control of the entire horse.

4. Trailer loading, unloading & leading lesson - Demonstrates: Teaching the horse a cue to step forward into, and backward out of, a trailer when asked. ONE DAY

5. Control from the ground, (Round Penning or WESN Lesson) - A few of the benefits that can be specifically targeted are:
* Picking up the horse's feet for shoeing, * Trimming, * Grooming, * Clipping, * Cleaning sheath area, * Medicating an injury, * Teaching the horse to stand tied, * Basic and college level leading lessons.

Arrangements must be made in advance for

horses offered for a demonstration.

Each horse $100.00 per day.

Audit Fees Per Day
Minimum Number of Auditors per Symposium: 20


Cost per person per day to audit a clinic or symposium - $35.00

Each day will be from 9 to 5 with a one-hour lunch unless otherwise stated.

Prices and fees are subject to change without notice

For more information on our symposiums or apprenticeship program please visit our CONTACT INFO section.


Ed Thornton
Thornton Ranch & Learning Center
57980 Cortez Dr.
Yucca Valley, Ca 92284
(760) 365-2269